City of Kent, Public Safety Petition

Senator/WA Patty Murray stated "Senators can not change laws"
So what are we, the citizen supposed to do?
Start a revolution!

Well, we don't need guns, but we need to organize and throw these rascals out of office
and the bureaucrats that defend indefensible stupid rules and break America!

This is The End !!!!

Who pays business taxes & compliance costs?
YOU, the consumer! (Click to see)

The Wall Of Shame:

More being added all the time!

USDA   FDA   Customs    USCIS-Immigration   FDIC

WA-KC-Prosecutor?     WA-KC-Catch & Release     WA-KC-Health      AK-Kenai-Burough

City of Kent   City-Seattle   City-Anchorage   City-Homer   City of Fairbanks

Solutions To This Mess:

Term Limits Are Available Now !

One 6 Year Term   2 Top Run-Off    3rd Party

Real Education      Healthcare    US-Lawyers or German-Engineers?

Help reform the City of Kent, WA:
Sign this petition to send emails to Politicians!

City of Kent, Public Safety Petition

Soon available in book form and download

Killing the American Dream:

It started in Seattle-Kent & King County!
How bad governments and bureaucrats destroyed the land of opportunity

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