1STeRevolution's Wall of Shame:
City of Fairbanks


You, the resident and consumer in Kent pay for all this Bullshit!

1988: Castle Warehouse Store
Resolution: Change the law!

The building was hooked up to the sprinkler fire line, but the building did not have a spinkler system.
Yet, the city wanted to charge the fee as if the building had a spinkler system.

To avoid a charge, they suggested that the PIPE needs to be removed!!!
Kind of stupid, because when you shut off the electric, they don't pull the wires either, right?
They just padlock the electric box.

After making idiots out of them, the city council changed the law, and we did not have to pay for an unused sprinkler.

1990's: Citizen said NO to Taxes!
Resolution: Recall the City Council, Fire City Manager

During the pipeline years, city increased wages to keep it's people. After the pipeline was build, wages went down to normal levels, except for the police, fire and other city employees. Some of which made $100,000 (1990) when the citizen average was 1/3 of that. Also, similar city wages was less than 1/2.

So the city put in a sales tax over the objection of it's citizen, to pay for the high wages.
Through an initiative election, the sales tax was abolished.

They council found a way to put it back in!
So the council was recalled and thrown out, and new people got elected.

We may not have had term limits, but we threw these rascals out of office !

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