...seemingly is an 8yr old girl from Guangzhou/China.

While my sister in law got a tourist visa, her daughter DZ was refused a visa to join her mom, so she can not visit her favorite aunt and uncle in bad bad America, the land of the free and home of the brave! So now they will spend their yuans in Europe instead.

Part of the reason we have such a trade deficit is NOT because China is bad (hell, we just ask them to abandon communism and join the world trade organisation AND SO THEY DID), but because we, the USA is stupid!

There are 250 million middle class Chinese, better off then the citizen of the USA. And yes, there are 1 billion others to whom I would not issue a visa to either.

But the 250 million are now traveling, studying and doing business in Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa, South & Central America, but not in the USA. It's not that they wouldn't like too... WE DO NOT LET THEM IN! Of course our un-informed media (our "best"education system) still reports that Chinese are not allowed to travel outside their country. Totally untrue, they do travel, but not to the USA. We, the USA, are the problem! Just on tourists, we loose a minimum of $125 million dollars for the airlines and tourist industry!

Just ask businesses, like Boeing, hotels, car rentals, airlines, colleges and universities.... they all loose business because we do not issue visas, so Chinese can NOT buy our stuff like airplanes, educate themselves, trade, let alone visit their relatives. There are many meetings in Seattle on that "free Trade" issues, but mostly, the Senators don't show up.

We do however have a little joke for the Chinese. We charge $150/visa application, and as per Beijing US Embassy, we deny 500,000 such application per year and make a cool $50,000,000 ($50 million) from them. Nice way to build international relations...

If I or wallstreet do that here, it would be called fraudulent advertisement. And the consulate tells every rejected applicant that they can apply again and waste another $150, to get denied again. Perhaps a smart lawyer files a class action suit against the state department and gets all that money back.

And the Congress-people of Washington? Well, Cantwell says she can't do anything but will ask why little QZ was denied, Murray called a few days later to "support me" and McDermott didn't even respond. Haven't heard anything since. And these bureaucrates are career public"servants", unsupervised by congress! Oversight anybody?

All are hiding behind THE ANTIQUE LAW 214(b) that basically states that a Chinese (any visitor to the US) has to prove IN ADVANCE that they will not brake US law once here and "overstay". How can one do THAT? Thus most get denied.

Just like with education, healthcare and the legal system, Europe seems to be smarter again: If you invite a foreigner, you have to post a bond and health insurance, and it works! Are we really that stupid that we can't do that same?

Unlike WITHIN the USA, there is NO oversight nor any law governing US embassies. No appeals, no rights, they have absolute power and their decisions are final, as many unlucky potential visitors know.

I thought I learned that Congress makes and changes laws, controls the money for all these misguided agencies and departments and has oversight hearings? Hello, where is congress? Holding hearings on the love life of snakes again?

So WHY did we vote in a Democratic Congress? So they do nothing? Can we expect that from the Democratic President as well? BEWARE of politicians who promise you things! THEY LIE! Let's throw these rascals out this election!

IF Hillary, McCain and Obama wouldn't take 2 year out of their paid job of being Senators, perhaps they could do some good in Congress? Well, considering they could also do much harm, perhaps it is better all 100 Senators run for president and take a permanent leave of absense.

I and my companies generate over $1 million in taxes paid each year. I do not ask much for it and have received even less:

  • Worst education system,
  • Most expensive healthcare,
  • Worst tax system,
  • Un-supervised bank mortgages creating a housing melt down,
  • Most expensive elections were not every vote counts,
  • Food ethanol for a hummer?,
  • No wind, no solar no nuclear energy AND NO drilling?
  • And now, no highway taxes to rebuild out roads?
  • No tourist visas for foreigners but 12 million illegals?

    This is a strategy? This is what we need Congress for?
    Enough is enough.

    85% of Americans feel like I do, so...

    Let's take out country back and
    make "them" work for us!

    See a blog I agree with at USAeFIX

    Or read the facts: No-Visa-For-Chinese & Newpaper Reports

    UPDATE #1:

    The consulate called and asks QZ's mother to come to the consulate again. We hoped for the best, but rather she was asked to pay $150 again. After a few minutes, the paperwork was returned to her and she was told not to call for 2 week, they may consider it then.

    Consider WHAT? That she can re-apply and pay $150 1 3rd time, again? This is getting crazier by the day, really stupid to be frank! What is this consulate doing, playing a joke on everybody? Can we get some oversight of the state department and it's consulates?

    UPDATE #2:

    The consulate calls my sister and brother in law and again argued that their company isn't large enough and they don't have enough money?

    Let's see: They have 2 condo's paid for in cash, no loans! They have 2 new imported cars, paid cash, no loans! They have paid $100,000 cash deposit to open up their business to get a business license and they have CASH left over to buy another condo, with CASH.

    Show my the average American that has such a balance sheet!
    And what does that have to do with the application for an 8 year old girl?

    UPDATE #3:

    After more faxes to the Whitehouse, State Department and the Embassy in Beijing etc etc, the “Dear Senator Cantwell:
    Thank you for your emails dated April 24 and May 1, 2008 regarding the visa application of QZ. Your constituent, Mr. Valentin Caspaar, requested your assistance in this matter.
    At your request, we reinterviewed the applicant’s Mother, Ms. (...) on May 5, 2008 regarding her daughter’s application. I am pleased to inform you that, after a review of this case, we have contacted Ms. (...) to bring in her daughter’s passport for visa issuance. We expect to issue her visa shortly.
    I hope this information is helpful, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance to you on this or any other consular matter.
    Michael J. Jacobsen, Chief, Consular Section”

    ?? "We have contacted Ms. (...)" is a LIE ! to the Senators
    That didn't happen till 24 hours later.

    UPDATE #4:

    So my sister in law again travels to Guangzhou (she does not live there) to give them the Passport. After 5 hours standing in line again, all applicants were told that the computer isn't working today and they should come back next week......! Couldn't they have at least kept the passport, since they have all that information anyway?

    No wonder nothing in this government works!

    I ask you to call your congress people and ask for support. In WA-state, call
    (This section contained phone numbers and email form letters to All Seneators, the embassy in Beijing, etc...)
    The BAD guys:
    Ambassador Clark T. Randt Jr.
    Consul General Robert Goldberg
    Michael J. Jacobsen, Chief, Consular Section

    Are moving things along, so no need to send any more faxes and letters. THANK YOU!

    I will notify the media and work on this issue, it's my civic duty to change stupid things like this, and all the people responsible for it.

    My job is secure, let's see how secure their's is!

    My niece's name is QZ. They have the rest of the information. The bad US Consulate is in Guangzhou/China, The visa was denied April ...., 2008.

    Any comments, email me at val@qbx.net


    Valentin Caspaar
    CEO, Inorex Inc Group. val@qbx.net