1STeRevolution's Wall of Shame:
King County Catch & Release Criminal System

Safety should be the primary and foremost duty of any government.
I mean if the citizen and businesses are not safe and secure,
everything else doesn't matter, as all things fall apart!

You, the resident and consumer of King County pay for all this Bullshit
Where is a person like TRUMP (I did not vote for him), to clean up the local mess?

City of Kent, Public Safety Petition

King County Wages OR SEARCH

May, 2017: Save-U-More Store
Dash-Thieves: Outcome Pending

After several incidents, like by the same person, a thief Noe Aparicio, 19yar old, run out of the store with wine or beer under their arms, my store manager and assistant chased one of them down. They caught up with the guy a few blocks away, being totally drunk in his car. The police was called and arrested the guy.

He has several warrants outstanding, and so he was booked into jail.

And RELEASED shortly afterwards, awaiting a court date!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With several warrants outstanding !!!

July, 2017: Save-U-More Store
Break-In by Noe Aparicio Case 17-10817

At 12.30AM, he breaks in the glass door and starts carrying out wine and liquor, too drunk to notice the siren going off.

At the same time, a uHaul Drop off driver sees this and also calls the police. 6 cop cars arrive and arrest Noe Aparicio. We have all on video. Noe Aparicio is booked for felony break in into King County jail.

I ask the police officer WHY Noe Aparicio was out, and he said that Noe Aparicio was out waiting for a court date from the last case.

So I ask if they now will keep him, I am afraid for my employees. Police states that Noe Aparicio most likely will be out waiting for this court case as well.

Is the DA and the system stupid or what?

If King County Exec Dow Constantine crazy allowing this to happen?

I think we need new leadership, council as well as executuve, to take our County back!

Perhaps, to get their attention, we stop paying King County taxes,
till we get some security, and not just bike lanes!


The prosecuting attorney stated:
"He is not likely to respond to summons to appear" and requested $10,000 BAIL.
1: He broke into a grocery store at midnight, smashing a window and stealing liquor
2: He also has a pending DIU case in Seattle
3: And a pending MIP-Theft-3 (x2) in Kent
4: And has a prior MIP(2016)


Judge Cheryl B Carey REDUCE BAIL
from $10,000 to ZERO
AND let him go on his own recognizance!!!!

He has to report to CCAP every week day. His court date is August. The Whole File

At the next election, we need to sack this Judge !

Noe Breaking in:


July, 2017: Save-U-More Store
Break-In August 3rd Case 17-11758

At 1.00AM, break in, throw cutting through the roof, then getting caught by the alarm system. Angrily tries to shut of Alarm by disconnecting power for the whole store, shutting down all refridgeration, ripping cables out of the wall, cutting phone wires,etc

Still got to the safe, opened it in 1 minute (Police says inside job) and robbed the safe content.

Must have had a spotter, as he left the building as my assistand manager pulled up to the building and the plice arrived.

This all happens becauce King County Judges and DA's let criminal run around free instead of locking them up. Like the guy above. 20% of the criminals do 80% of the crime. And have multipe outstanding warrants. So WHY are they running around free.

Judge Cheryl B Carey & DA Dan Satterberg

Do you know him?

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