1STeRevolution's Wall of Shame:
King County Health department

It is not just permit costs, it is my labor and the distraction of top management
that wastes time of such things, instead of working on making a business survive.
Frankly, we do not budget for such a $50,000/year position, to deal with stupid bureaucrates.

You, the resident and consumer of King County pay for all this Bullshit
Where is a person like TRUMP (I did not vote for him), to clean up the local mess?

City of Kent, Public Safety Petition

King County Wages OR SEARCH

May, 2017: Save-U-More Store
Sell open bread: Outcome Pending

While the health department is ok with allowing Wonder bread and Coca Cola to poison us, we got a violation for selling open bread, fresh from the oven, still hot, on our oven rack.

Strange that this very same market, under previous VIETNAMESE/CHINESE ownership was able to do this, but now, since I own it, all hell breaks loose with fire, building and health department. Is it because I am a white guy? To be correct, I am an Austrian American ethnic white guy. My health inspector is an ASIAN guy.

We are compiling a list, that includes Safeway, Fred Meyer, Saars, Valley Harvest and many bakeries around town that do the same thing: Sell bread partially packed or open bread in bins, depending which store"

Ours, oven in the background

Other Stores and Bakeries

May, 2017: Save-U-More Store
Vacuum Package Cooked Food:
Outcome Pending

We used to package cooked, frozen food in paper take out containers and plastic bags. So you can take it home and enjoy it there. To avoid freezer burn, we then packaged it vacuum pack, so it lasts longer and is nicer to use. Customers loved it. However, the KC-Health department made us pull the product and stop selling it.

They are fine with the paper box packaging and freezer burn, but not vacuum packed. Not that it can't be done, just needs another permit, that basically stated that we follow WA-State food code, which we do already.

This is crazy. The USDA, which handles much more dangerous food products, doesn't even require a HACCP plan/permit for vacuum packing, so why King County? Just another permit to justify their existence?

Think about: They want 1000 markets apply "their own words" for a permit to show they are safe. Why don't they just have a procedure set up, that all can follow, instead of sweating over 1000 diferent ones?

The driver license office doesn't ask you to "prove in your own ways" that you drive safely? Nor do pilots do that. These agencies have rules, a test and a license, so you can do it right. Not 1000 different ways. Crazy.

This is what KC Executive Dow Constantine calls an efficient government ! Insanity is more like it!

Above=Allowed, below=not?

January 2016, Bakery-Express
How to clean a 1000lbs mixer?
Wrote Procedure

At our initial health inspection to be certified for a WA-State licensed Wholesale Bakery, the inspector look at the giant mixer and the 14x14 sink (each, 3 parts) and stated, that the 500 lbs bowl won't fit into it.

Well, that is correct, in fact it would flatten then aluminum sink! One does not clean a bowl like that in a 3 part sink. How stupid does it get? Inspector wanted to fail us! After I called her supervisor, they talked and she left.

We then settled this by writing the following statement:
"To clean a spiral mixer, we typically pour some hot water into the bowl and cover it with a sheet of plastic, allowing the bowl to be steamed, thus softening any dough residue in the bowl. After steaming for about 15 minutes, the bowl can be scrubbed out using a nylon bristle pot brush. The bowl is then rinsed and sanitized. You will need to bail the water out of the bowl like bailing a sinking boat three times. You then dry the boat...ah.. I mean the bowl."

500 lbs bowl, attached to 2000 lbs mixer

14x14 3 part sink, Aluminum

2014, For now, requested to be un-named
How to cut an Onion??

A health inspector didn't like how the owner of a shop cut an onion. With some knife skills, this can be accomplished very fast, ChopChopChop.....a few seconds.

The inspector showed how to 'safely' cut an onlion, in 2 minutes!

Frankly, what business is it for the health department to do that, and in the real world, time is money!

Around 1993: Castle Warehouse
Get Food Stamp Authorization:2 month delay, $500 + waste of government resources

We opened a incidental retail outlet store next to our distribution center. We also wanted to make these deals available to people on food stamps, now called EBT. For that, KC-Health required a plumbing inspection sign off. However, we did not need any extra plumbing, thus the City of Kent plumbing inspector refused to come out, nothing to sign off. That wasn't good enough for KC-Health.

After much arguing, we got a plumbing permit to move a sink 12 inches to the left. Thus, now, the plumbing inspector had to come out to sign off and close the permit. He shook his head and called this a waste of his time, but he had to do it.

With that sign off, we now could apply, and get, the health inspector to come out, and with that, we could apply at USDA for the food stamp acceptance permit.

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