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City of Kent and it's Fire Department

You, the resident and consumer in Kent pay for all this Bullshit!

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2019: Save-U-More Store
Not allowed to lock door when inside:

When you are inside, without customers, you are NOT ALLOWED to lock the main door.
Lock it for your own safety.
No Way!
Not to work in the back, Not to count down the tills, not to open the safe.

Recent interpretation by Steven Wilson, Kent Code enforcer, Kent Building department, together with John Napier, PougetSoundFire department.

So when my accountant come in in the morning, working in the back office before we are open for the public, SHE MUST leave the front door open for thieves to walk in.

When my bakers come in a 4am, and bake in the back room bakery, THEY MUST LEAVE the main door open...

If a Burgler breaks in through the roof (no joke) , I must rush to the store to unlock the main doors, so he can escape easier.

I know Kent is special.... that is why all retail moves to Covington.
The building industry knows it and I have trouble hiring contractors because of it.... nobody wants to work in this stupid city.

But I didn't knowe how special Kent was. Wow !!!!!

Valentin Caspaar
Immigrant from a civilized common sense country
Employing 125 Americans.

2017, Save-U-More Store
Ice Cream Freezer must be sprinkled!

After 18 year of being a vietnamese owned store, I bought the building.
I am a white guy and all hell broke loose! Well, to be correct, I am an Austrian-American immigrant who give 100 peole a job.

1st, you ask yourself, sprinkle a frozen freezer?
2nd, you laugh and think, this is pretty stupid.
3rd, when you get a hold of yourself,
the fire marshall and city building official tell you you have to do it, it's the law.

Well, ok perhaps some laws should be changed? I mean, we don't shoot Indians anymore either, right?

What do we do this? Because the industy selling sprinkler heads WRITE the new law, the paid-for permanent congress approves it, and the bureaucrates only happily enforce things like this, means they have something to do when it's a slow fire day.



2016: Save-U-More Store
Pay for a Subdivision Fire Line Valve: $35,000

I bought the building in 2015. I have been told that that valve was due 10 years earlier, but there was nothing on the title. So I could not have known. Also, this fire waterline backflow valve serves at least 5 businesses.

Just beause it was on my land, I was declared the sucker who had to pay for it by the coty of Kent!

In a civilized city, not run by Mayor Suzette Cooke and her staff, such things are handled differently:

The city initially pays for such unfanded mandates from whatever government, and then, through property assessments, spread out of 10 years and spread out for all BENEFICIAL property owners, gets paid back.

Not one unlucky guy (like me). These things could brake a business!!

The underlying problem is "UNFUNDED" mandates and laws! Somebody in government, more likley in the industry, invents a new gadget.
A Simple back-flow valve "can't" be safe enough. We now need a "Double Back Flow Valve"

A lobbist of that industry group write the law for the Senator to introduce. Oh, yes, they are also paying the election expenses for same Senator. It becomes law, gets passed on to local governments to implement. They don't have the money either, so they simply force the businesses to pay for it.

This is similar to you, the consumer, gets forced into buying new TV or light bulbs, and GE benefits, and by the way, doesn't pay any taxes!



2017: Magic Flavors Cafe
Count outside seating towards the 50 allowed?Dead Wrong, Mr. Fire Inspector

We are allowed 49 seats inside the cafe. Fire inspector in January stated that the outside benches and seats counts towards the inside limit, and that we should remove seats.

A few month later, at a "grand meeting to settle all issues" I asked the city building official, and he said this is not correct. Since the outside people CAN " stay outside" when the building burns, it does NOT count towards our limit.

So why do these inspectors make up stuff like they please?

Slow Fire Day?

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