1STeRevolution's Wall of Shame:
USCIS - Immigration Service

Arrival in the USA:
Are you a Spy or a Terrorist Continues!

If you are a Spy or Terrorist, would you REALLY answer that? The last ones all LIED!

What a waste of time.
Here is the whole form: Welcome to the USA

Are you a Spy?

2005: The New Threat To America?
No visa for 8 year old girl: Resolved!

US Consulate in China Refused visa for 8 year old girl....

Sometimes you must questions the brainpower of Elected Officials and Bureaucrates!
Here is the whole story: The New Threat To America

The new threat to America?

2006: Parents stranded in Canada
Allowed to immigrate, but not visit:

Current law for many many years state that parents of American citizen have RIGHT to immigrate to the US.

However, current law also states that they are NOT allowed to just visit, as the can't proof that they will return home.
You may want to read this again, but it's not easy to understand!!!

Chinese parents visit their son's family in Toronto, Canada.

They then weanted to visit their daughter's family in Seattle = NO How stupid is congress and this government and it's bureaucrates?

The details: Immigrate=YES, visit=NO



2004: Wife stranded in Austria
Allowed to immigrate, but not visit:

I lived in Austria, but also operated a business in the US. I got married to a Chinese woman.
I flew back and forth frequently, and wanted to take my new wife along on my trips.

NO VISA for my wife!

We were not sure were we wanted to live, but I wanted to show her my US business and house that I also maintained.

That was not possible. In order for her to visit the US and accompany me on my world travels, she had to immigrate to get a green card. Then she could visit.

But a green card forces you to live in the US for over 180 days/year, even if you only want to visit for a short time.

Anyway, after 3 years of this bullshit, she became a US-Citizen and now we can LEAVE whenever we want.

Smart system, ha?

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Killing the American Dream:

How bad governments and bureaucrats destroyed the land of opportunity

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